Cara Cole

b. Toronto, Canada

Cara’s complex photographic images both enchant and disturb, and their layered and accomplished surfaces reveal the kinds of experiences we have too few images of, and often no words for. Their carefully considered content is structured to simulate dream, or hallucinatory, states. Like such states, the images easily give rise to stories––though not simple ones and not ones with conventional narrative closures.


Cara received her her undergraduate degree at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada and her MFA at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She has received numerous grants including awards from the NEA, the Canada Council for the Arts and the Banff Writing Studio Residency. Cara has lived in Nepal, Indonesia, Romania, Turkey and Morocco. Her desire to understand cross-cultural differences, and oppression, has had crucial impact upon her work. Cara is currently completing her first novel, Dangerous Prey, which draws from her life as a photographer.

Illuminated Manuscript, High Noon, New York, NY