Cara Cole

b. Toronto, Canada


The practice of Tao consists in subtracting day by day, subtracting and yet again subtracting
till one has reached inactivity. But by this very inactivity everything can be activated. 


--Tao Te Ching, translated by Arthur Waley

Imagine that you are required to write a Rape Narrative. You write on anxiety medication. You promise yourself that you will not stop, that you will not allow yourself to die before you have reached the end. Your mother feeds you because you have stopped eating. You are never hungry, but she leaves a sandwich on the bed beside you and orders you to eat. So you eat and cry while you write your Rape Narrative, the opposite of an illuminated manuscript. You give it to your mother to read one night, but you feel so sick inside that you take it back and bury it at the bottom of the rape box because you are scared to look at it. Every time you read it, you’re demoralized. It’s not just what he did, but that he was able to do it for so long. The Rape Narrative spans six years, and the losses keep piling up. It makes you sick and sad and filled with rage that it went on for so long. But that’s not on you. That’s on him.


You are no longer able to create anything new. When an idea finally comes to you, you wince and feel sick because you know it’s the only thing you can do and you don’t want to do it. If you can’t create, then you have to subtract, take the already existing radioactive material in the Rape Narrative and transform it. Redaction is a violent act. It was wielded against you and others, against every woman who comes forward. 


You wince again and bear down, look directly at what you don’t want to look at. You read and redact the document over and over with your jaw clenched until it aches. In doing this some of the power it has over you is diminished and some of the power he has over you is diminished as well. But as you print these pages on a large scale and imagine putting them up in a public space for anyone to see, knowing anyone can walk into that gallery space, you get really scared. 


It’s terrifying to try to exist in the world again, because not only is the man who raped you determined to punish you, so are many powerful people who support that man. These people you once admired now frighten and disgust you. “The truth will come out,” they say, and “women lie.” They are determined to be right no matter the cost.


When you tell your mother what you fear, she says, in typical fashion, “Don’t worry about it.” Your friends say, “Remember who it’s for. It’s for you and others like you.” 


You are able to create. You are visible in the world. 

---Illuminated Manuscript

I am interested in the impact of time on both earthbound and celestial bodies. Time devastates flesh and rapidly consumes it. So we humans and beasts have a finite arc of time––a brief interval between birth and death––in contrast to the relative eternity of the cosmos. In performing dissections on dead beasts for this series, in peering intently at their viscera, I am struck by the grace and mystery inherent in the folds of brilliantly hued flesh, and fur and bone. This internal landscape is one of fearsome poetry. It echoes the immense and distant universe. A luminous arc of fur in darkness resembles a solar flare. Folds of flesh glow and stream like remote star fields. I must admit I do not observe this phenomena neutrally. I wish I could do more then simply dissect and expose the interior space, that secret rich place where memory and desire––a life––dwelled. I examine these interiors and wish I could perform my own miracles upon the flesh. I wish I could reverse the tide of time and bring the dead back to life, to make blood rush into the body instead of out, to inflate collapsed lungs with fresh breath, to seal gaping wounds neat and invisible like they were never there at all.  


---The Sky Above, the Mud Below (excerpt)

I love the fact that sexual and religious transportment echo each other. How Ecstasy, that elevated sensation of bliss, is simultaneously carnal and spiritual. Bernini’s The Ecstasy of St. Teresa (her head is thrown back, face upturned towards the heavens, lips parted, eyes softly closed–so similar to my own carnal angels) is based on the swooning nuns own writing: “I saw in his hand a long spear of gold…He appeared to me to be thrusting it at times into my heart, and to pierce my very entrails; when he drew it out, he seemed to draw them out also, and to leave me all on fire with a great love of God. The pain was so great, that it made me moan; and yet so surpassing was the sweetness of this excessive pain, that I could not wish to be rid of it.”


--- An Immortality of Bliss (excerpt)


In Gods and Heroes I appropriate from a wide variety of scientific textbooks. I cannibalize and collage this existing imagery to create stark visual poetry out of unlikely combinations of scientific “specimens”. The resulting narratives are unsettlingly intimate. Children, naked and isolated on fields of black, move toward or shiver away from aggressive natural elements. The children are frozen in dances of fear and fascination. These dramas unfold on a heroic scale.

This body of work evolved out of the mingling of two streams of thought. First is the recollection of greek myths which explained the workings of the universe, particularly tales in which Gods preyed on mortals, seducing or attacking humans in the guise of natural elements: a swan, a heavy mist, a shower of gold. The second is the inspiration of modern scientific texts, in which every conceivable aspect of the universe––from the most minute biological entity to the most colossal cosmological event––is meticulously, obsessively and tirelessly documented. Both creative endeavors (the mythological and the scientific) are driven by a most passionate human desire, to unlock the mysteries of creation and destruction, growth and decay, life and death. So we may no longer be forced to surrender to elemental forces beyond our control. So we may have ultimate control over our own destinies.


--- Gods and Heroes (excerpt)


MFA Fine Art/Photography, Honors, University of Nevada Las Vegas, NV, 2002

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Brissenden Scholarship in Creative Writing, UBC Department of Creative Writing, B.C., 2012
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