acrylic on canvas

12 x 9 inches

Bobbie Oliver - "Untitled"

  • My work is informed by a very physical and immediate way of working. The process, as it were, is extremely important as it is the emotional, intuitive sense of the painting that interests me. I pay close attention to the materiality of the paint and surface: how the paint sits on it’s surface, thin or thick, opaque or transparent. Seemingly mundane activities are addressed until slowly a tactile kind of space, simplicity and complexity emerges that feels it has depth and relevance. There is no preconceived plan for the painting other than an interest in opposites: sharp against soft, dense against washy. I look for richness in relationships, rhythms and densities. Ultimately, I want the painting to have a directness and freshness where the gestural, physical and material are one. There is never a question of when a work is finished. Each painting feels like a completely new beginning.


    Bobbie Oliver lives and works in New York City and Rock Valley, NY. She has exhibited in New York at High Noon Gallery, Hionas Gallery, Feature Gallery, Showroom, and Valentine Gallery as well as exhibiting in Toronto at Olga Korper Gallery, in Los Angeles at Jancar Gallery and The George Gallery in Laguna Beach. Bobbie has received awards from The Canada Council, New York State Council for the Arts, and the Pollock Krasner Foundation.