water media on paper

7.25 x 6 inches

Mary Jones - "Memory Flower"

  • I rely on process and layering to invite a psychological reading, at the edge of my control, that haptically connects to a shared consciousness. My paintings find fragments of recognizable form through an intuitive process of layered abstraction. They’re heavily worked and, along with courting improvisation and spontaneity, I’ve begun to embrace metaphors of biography as part of the content. It’s a physical process and reinforces a bodily connection; scraping, sanding, collage, industrial spray paint and house paint rollers are all utilized, embedding the motions, ghosts, construction and destruction that each painting undergoes as part of the facture.


    Mary Jones received a BFA and MFA from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She began her career in Los Angeles and has been living and working in NYC since 1986. Jones has shown her work in galleries and museums internationally, most recently at John Molloy Gallery in NYC in 2016. Other exhibitions include the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Ovsey Gallery, Cugliani Gallery, Jeffrey Coploff Fine Art, Robert Green Fine Arts, Marlborough Chelsea, and Cenci Gallery, Rome. She is in many notable collections, including the Broad Art Foundation, Los Angeles. Her work has been reviewed in the NY Times, LA Times, Art in America, Artforum, and Artnews among others and is included in the book, “L.A.Rising, SoCal Artists Before 1980”, by Lyn Kienholz. Jones is a Senior Critic at RISD, where she has taught since 1998, and an instructor at SVA since 2009. As an art writer, she has also contributed to bombmagazine.org since 2009, and recently for artcritical.com, interviewing artists about their work and process.