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Rafael Plaisant 

b. Rio De Janeiro, BR

Rafael Plaisant earned his BFA in Architecture and Fine Arts in the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Since 2003, his commercial work as a tattoo artist has taken him around the globe, and his work has been exhibited in group shows in Vienna, Porto, São Paulo, and Rio De Janeiro. Since early 2020, with the onset of the pandemic, Rafael has dedicated his focus to painting full time. With a practice that alternates between watercolor and gouache on cotton paper and acrylic and spray enamel on linen, he explores texture, movement, and composition within a sculptural framework that nods to multi-cultural architectural and ritualistic elements. His work is inspired by sci fi novels, Moebius/Druillet comics, Brazilian Modernist and Brutalist architecture, Russian Constructivism, 80’s poster art, 70’s psychedelic album cover art.

Playground install 5.jpg

Playground, High Noon, New York, NY

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