Robert Otto Epstein

b. Pittsburgh, PA


For the past several years I have been making drawings and paintings on paper and wood panel inspired by my interest in deconstructionist philosophy and design.


Through my work I explore the way that repetitiveness is structured into discrete forms that are shaped by the prototype, which become the pattern, which become the system, which is itself repeating.

I am equally interested in systems of production, which could be anything manmade or found in nature—pattern as a means of being or appearing by way of repeating—the pattern as an act, a process, and a product.

As with each pattern, all of my work starts with a grid, and so I begin by hand-drawing a grid onto the surface. Then I create a blueprint in advance, based on various geometric ideas and color choices. At times I employ chance into the decision making process - literally rolling dice and painting the color that I’ve assigned to a given number. I then paint each pattern square-by-square and row-by-row, working from the bottom right corner across each row and then up the paper.


University of Durham, Durham, England, Law, 2000-1

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, B.A. Political Science, 1998 


This is Heavy, High Noon Gallery, NYC, January 3 – March 3

Wear it Love it Flaunt it Own it, Galerie Sebastien Adrien, Paris, France, July 1 – August 30


New Work, Hionas Gallery, New York, NY, May 8 - 30
Solo booth at Volta NY, Bool-e-an, New York, NY, March 1-5



Ron from Ronkonkoma, Simuvac Projects, New York, NY, September 10 – October 16
Sally Jessy Raphael, Hionas Gallery, New York, NY, July 7 – August 5


8Bit Calculator, Ada Gallery, Richmond, VA December 18 – January 31
Portraits, Gallery 440, Brooklyn, NY, February 7 – March 21 


Sleeveless Cardigan, 99 Cent Plus, Brooklyn, NY, September 5 -19

ROW By ROE, Matteawan Gallery, Beacon, NY, July 12 – August 5


The Machinery of Desire, Retramp Gallery, Berlin, Germany, September 6 – October 11


The 20 x 16 Biennial, curated by Geoff Young, NY, February 28 – March 30
Wide World of Sport, Eric Firestone Gallery, East Hampton, NY, July 19 – August 20


Magic, Roberts Projects, Los Angeles, CA, July 14 – August 18
Everybody in the Pool, Ada Gallery, Richmond, VA, May 15 – June 30
More or Less, Hemphill Fine Arts, Washington, D.C., April 19 – June 19

Thread Lines, The Drawing Center exhibition at The Kentucky Museum, April 29 – August 5
The Painted Desert Part 1, High Noon Gallery, NYC, October 5 – November 28
Colormania, (3 person show), Brooklyn, NY, September 8 – October 15


If Color Could Kill, Salena Gallery, Vassar College, NY, August 22 – September 15
Squared, Geoffrey Young Gallery, Great Barrington, MA, May 7 – 28
Pass / Fail, Ortega y Gasset Projects, Brooklyn, NY, April 15 – May 15
Lineup, SFF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, April 29 – June 15
If Color Could Kill, Salena Gallery, LIU Brooklyn Campus, Brooklyn, NY, April 5 – 29



Post-Analog Painting, The Hole, NYC, April 22 – May 24
20 x 16, Curated by Geoffrey Young, Morgan Lehman Gallery, NYC, March 26 – May 2
Sacred Shapes, Curated by Allison Barker and Jessica Speiser, A+E Studios, NYC, May 26 – June 21
The Musical Box, Jeff Bailey Gallery, Hudson, New York, January 24 – March 8
Working Knowledge, ¬Lorimoto Gallery (Curated by ROE), Ridgewood, January 10 – February 8
Tile Masters, Long Island University Selena Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, January 15 – February 28
Art Palm Beach, Litvak Gallery, January 21-25



Thread Lines, The Drawing Center, New York, NY, September 18 – December 14
Salon at Harbor Gallery, Harbor Gallery, New York, NY, October 11 – November 19
I Listen to Color, Frank Juarez Gallery, Sheboygan, WI, June 21 – July 26
Never Mind The Bullocks, Life On Mars, Brooklyn, NY, June 29 – August 3
Ab Fab 2, Mulherin + Pollard, New York, NY, May 29 – June 29 
Top Drawer, Imogen Holloway Gallery, Saugerties NY, May 2 – June 1



Maneuvers, Voorkamer, Lier, Belgium, October 13 – November 17
Color Line, Outpost Artist Resources, Brooklyn, NY, September 28 – October 25
Nurture Art Benefit Exhibition, Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, New York, October 28
The Song Sings Itself, Kenise Barnes Fine Art, Larchmont, NY, August 1 – September 21
Flat Frontal, Schema Projects, Brooklyn, NY, July 19 – September 15
That Being Said, Jack Hanley Gallery, New York, July 18 – August 16
Unhinged, Pierogi Gallery, New York, July 5 - 28
Robert Otto Epstein, Imogen Holloway, Saugerties, NY, July 5 – August 11
A Series of Alternating Uniform Spaces and Parts, Airplane Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, April 20 – May 18
Inside Voices, Parallel Art Space, Ridgewood, NY, February 23 – April 7
Grid/Graph, Mulherin + Pollard, New York NY, February 28 - March 31
In Between Lines, Laundry Lung Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, May 19 – June 6



Uprise Art at Chelsea Market, Chelsea Market Concourse, New York, NY, December – January 2013
Nurture Art Benefit Exhibition, Charles Bank Gallery, New York, NY, November
Pattern and Embellishment, Drive-By Projects, Watertown, MA, October 18 – November 24
Sleeveless Cardigan (Solo Exhibition), Mt. Comfort Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana, September 7 – 28
Affordable Art Fair, Spring 2012, Uprise Art Booth, New York, NY, April 18 – 22



When Will We Grow Up, Finch & Ada, New York, NY, December 2 – 16
Autumn Exhibition, Finch & Ada, New York, NY, September 12 – October 14
Private Eyes Salon, Finch & Ada, New York, NY, November 10
Leisureland, Maloney Fine Arts, Los Angeles, CA, July 16 – August 20



Postcards From The Edge, Visual Aids Gallery, New York, NY



By All Accounts They Look Away, Envoy Enterprises, New York NY
Unknown Linguist, Kaffe 1668, New York, NY
Nurture Art Benefit Exhibition, Brooklyn, NY


The Big Human
Fidelity Investments 


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