1:  precisely noon.

2:  the most advanced, flourishing, or creative stage or period.

3: the time of a decisive confrontation or contest, traditionally due to the highest visibility with the sun at it's peak and the least amount of shadows cast, and largely associated with the legacy of the Wild West.

At High Noon, we believe that art is not only essential for everyday living, but that support of the arts is essential for an evolving society. It teaches us to challenge imagery, think critically, and gain a better understanding of visual culture. To engage this fundamental significance, High Noon was created to help address the fundamental needs of the industry in a time when technological ingenuity and economic uncertainty create the necessity for new ideas and implementations.


Jared Linge founded High Noon in 2017 after receiving a classical education in Drawing & Painting and Art History at the Laguna College of Art and Design. With eight years of experience working in contemporary art on both coasts, he noticed a shift from a gallerist perspective amongst artists working in a post-recession world and the galleries that sought to support them. The market for emerging and mid-career artists has changed and as a result, there is an increasing number of underrepresented artists doing important, relevant work, and a decline in the access that collectors have to them.

High Noon advocates a model of promoting and selling artwork that is pro-growth and collaborative. We work with other galleries, non-profits, and institutions to introduce our clients to the best of what is being exhibited, as well as promote artists we work with directly through both commercial and non-commercial avenues. Our roster is comprised of promising emerging talent as well as established artists collectively belonging to major collections such as MoMA, the Broad, LACMA, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and others. Through our exhibitions and projects, we facilitate bringing new or under-recognized artists and their vibrant perspectives amongst the discourse of contemporary art to a deserving market, while embracing the malleable, collaborative future of the art world. 

The gallery is not currently reviewing unsolicited submissions.

124 Forsyth Street

New York, NY 10002


Wednesday - Sunday: 12-7PM

Monday and Tuesday: By appointment

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