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Chamunda Election Night Zoom Vigil

November 3, 6:00 PM - 6:00 AM EST

Jones - The Slayer.jpg

Mary Jones, The Slayer, 2020, oil, gel-transfer, spray paint, silver leaf on canvas, 14” x 11”

Meeting ID: 861 971 8125
Passcode: 4dYB0z

Please participate with us in an election night Zoom vigil, sundown to sunrise, hosted by High Noon artist Mary Jones & owner Jared Linge and Alba Amicorum. Inspired by the Hindu Deity Chamunda, a fearsome female destroyer of evil, we plan to gather during this pivotal moment, the most important election of our lifetimes. We welcome you to be a participant with us on November 3, 2020 From 6 pm to 6 am EST, across the country, across the world, to be together, a counter-force against bigotry and hatred. Poems will be read, songs will be sung, dances will be danced, and a better world will be imagined. You will be awake anyway, you're not alone, share it with us, we’ve made a place.


Introduction: Mary Jones - Jamar Roberts, Cooped, Guggenheim commissioned performance

6:00 pm: Marianne Simonin - Reading of original spiritual poetry

6:30 pm: Phrogz (Jennifer Coates & David Humphrey) - Two original songs

7:00 pm: Hovey Brock - Buddhist-style Contemplation on Death and Extinction

7:30 pm: Ross Klavan - Reading from Shine, Perishing Republic by Robinson Jeffers
8:00 pm: Kyle Weekes - Traditional African American Spirituals
8:30 pm: Ian McClellan - Grimes Adidas Workout, spoken word performance
9:00 pm: Elisabeth Condon - Chinese brush painting practice and meditation with plant motifs
9:30 pm: Theresa Hackett - Teri’s TED Talk
10:00 pm: Marie Lorenz - Oracle Radio performance
10:30 pm: Tom DeLaney and Kevin Swense - You are Perfect, guided hypnotherapy performance  
11:00 pm: Joan Waltemath & Walter Steding - Violin and accordion improvisation
11:30 pm: Yi Sa-Ra - At the Entrance to Death, original video work

11:45 pm: Katie VidaI Am Marina Abramovic, Live from Belgrade (00:04:15 minutes)
12:00 am: Ernesto Renda - Reading from a play by Sarah Kane
12:30 am: Tianqi Chen - Illustrated COVID Diary

1:00 am: Joshua BoulosTreatise: algorithms, images, art, Louis Restaurant
1:30 am: Curt Richter - Presentation of original photography

2:00 am: Sue Spaid - Be Biodiverse: Bees, Art and Diversity

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