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Future Fair: Rafael Plaisant + Elisa Soliven

May 10-13, 2023

High Noon is pleased to present a booth of new works on paper by Rio de Janeiro-based artist Rafael Plaisant and ceramic sculptures by Brooklyn-based artist Elisa Soliven. Both artists explore texture and form in ways that nod to multi-cultural and ancestral elements.

Rafael Plaisant's symmetrical compositions in gouache and ink are marked by a formal profusion that examines the ambitions of abstract languages in contrast to their vernacular. Pulling from high and low-brow interchangeably, elements of Art Deco, Brutalist architecture, Retrofuturism, psychedelic comics, and SciFi are all present in the works. This range of influences unfolds kaleidoscopically within a framework of implied movement.

Elisa Soliven is drawn to clay for the immediacy with which it conveys the working process, and for how it captures a sense of the talismanic in the ordinary. Her sculptures record her material inquiries and capture her subjects through an archaeological accumulation of modeled layers of clay and embedded ceramic. Working with constructed forms in clay and found materials, she reworks the familiarity of the everyday object of the vessel into idiosyncratic inventions.

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