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Jill Levine

b. New York, NY


For many years I have explored the territory between painting and sculpture. The sculptures hang on the wall. They are built from pre-cut Styrofoam shapes that are tooth picked together, eventually glued into place and covered with rigid wrap and modeling compound. The image is drawn, sometimes projected and painted with oil paint.


For years, the sculptures always had a human scale, kind of a half torso size, but my work has always had a playful side and the idea of symmetry pushed me towards sculptures that were more of a hybrid between the animal/human worlds. Over the years the forms have morphed from built up globular, exploding structures to a simpler format. The current work is comprised of symmetrical shapes that take on a more totemic feeling. I have been travelling to Mexico for the past twenty years and have incorporated my interest in Pre -Columbian art into the work. 


These sculptures reference images from Mexican codices, as well as ceramics and sculpture from various sites. The sources for color that warps and weaves across the forms are often found in serapes. Drawing is laid over the horizontal bands creating multiple visual layers. For example in “Frazada”, a lacey Day of the Dead image painted in black lies on top of bands of vibrant color. Other sculptures reference insects, animals or the death god, Mictlantecuhtli. Although the sculptures seem to belong to a common clan they maintain their individuality.


MFA Yale University, School of Art, New Haven, CT, 1977

Royal College of Art, London, 1976

BA Queens College, New York, NY, 1975



Changing Planes, High Noon, New York, NY



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Jill Levine, Wall DrawingsHionas Gallery, New York, NY



Jill Levine, Cats Talk, Hionas Gallery, New York, NY


Gravity's Elbow (with Theresa Hackett), the George Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA


South of the BorderP.P.O.W, New York, NY


P·P·O·W, New York, NY

Bernard Toale Fine Arts, Boston, MA


Fine Silver Gallery, San Antonio, TX



Mid Career Survey show, Art Inc. New York, NY



P·P·O·W, New York, NY



Esso Gallery, New York, NY

Conversation #2, with Susan Wanklyn, Art Inc., New York, NY



Project SpaceJose Freire Fine Art, New York, NY


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fiction/nonfiction, New York, NY



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fiction/nonfiction, New York, NY


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fiction/nonfiction, New York, NY



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The Painted Desert Part I, curated by Jared Linge, High Noon Gallery, NY, NY

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Ulterior Motif, curated by Naomi Cohn, The Painting Center, New York, NY



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Conceptual Realism, Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY



Port Louis Art In Embassies Program, Port Louis, Mauritius



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fiction/nonfiction, New York, NY


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Sculpture Center, New York, NY

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Queens College Alumni Show, New York, NY

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