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'into air / 3 wishes'  came from a series of watercolors I worked on daily during quarantine as time dragged forward. I was among the fortunate.


This folio offers good luck and good fortune for the coming year. Each contains three images, out of six, printed on Kozo Unryu ('cloud dragon') paper. Given that luck is random, I configured 6 possible variations for the folios images: (1/2/3) (2/3/4) (3/4/5) (4/5/6) (5/6/1) (6/1/2).


Like ritual offerings of joss paper or spirit money, burning the image is optional. Three wishes and light; all that’s solid melts into air.


- Lindsay Walt

Lindsay Walt - 'into air / 3 wishes' folio

  • 'into air / 3 wishes', 2021

    limited edition of 60 folios printed on Kozo Unryu

    5.5 x 5.5 inches

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