Shelter / Place 

April 17 - TBD

Bobbie Oliver: Rosie

Bobbie Oliver and Frank Kitchens's home in Long Eddy is a beautiful converted church where last year a wild deer they named Rosie made herself a part-time housemate.

Eleanna Anagnos and Matt Eich: A Rauschenberg Residency Collaboration

These images are part of a collaboration between Eleanna Anagnos’s current practice involving handmade paper and Matt Eich’s medium of photography. The project's combination of traditional media with new technology creates a haunting, classical pathos evoking themes of longing and isolation, reminiscent of John Everett Millais's "Ophelia," or Kate Chopin's "The Awakening."

Mary-Ann Monforton: Figure in Landscape

"Five years ago, I began making bricks, cinder blocks and later 1 ft. cubes out wire. The bricks, though nearly invisible, still read as a solid. I used them to brick up my windows. The one foot cubes were less stable. Their frailty, insecurity, was humorous, human. I stacked them. At  5 ft, my height, the stack became a self-portrait. These works were pivotal in demonstrating how simple, near invisible objects, can embody a psychological state, carry emotions." - Mary-Ann Monforton

Mary Jones: Dementia Drawings

Through the sound of creaking wood floors and the hiss of a jazz saxophone, Mary Jones talks about a series drawings she created during phone conversations with her mother who suffered from Dementia.

Theresa Hackett: Different Strokes

At Theresa Hackett and Ray Manikowski's home in Beach Lake, PA, Teri can dance and create--- seemingly simultaneously--- her enormous, lyrical, cross-sectional paintings of stacked and bursting neon earth. It's a stone groove (pun intended), followed by a dip in the wood-fire Japanese style hot tub.